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Foster care is a better way

All of our kitties live in our homes. We believe this is a much better choice for you as these cats will not have had the experience of living in cages within a shelter. They are allowed to roam freely within our homes, learning to mix and socialize with people on a daily basis as we go about our lives. Additionally, we get to know each animal and their temperaments. This allows us to select the best match for your individual needs and situation.

                                                                                       Cats that are properly prepared for life

                                                                                Every cat and kitten in our care is up-to-date with all of their                                                                                  shots. They have been tested, treated for any conditions                                                                                      they might have had, including parasites and are spayed or                                                                                  neutered. Without exception.

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Paws South Florida Rescue has been named  "The Best Place to Adopt a Pet  in Broward County"  by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times.  July, 2015. Click here.

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