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Paws South Florida Rescue

What We Do

• Spay/Neuter trapped feral cats with the assistance of the participating veterinarians, which are then returned to their original area to be released.
• Vaccinate for rabies & distemper
• Offer advice to caretakers (colony managers) on the feral cat colony maintenance
• Require caretaker (colony managers) to be responsible for the future care and maintenance of the feral colonies after PAWS has finished the aspect of TNR.

If residents are willing to provide food, water, and shelter sufficient to maintain an existing feral colony, PAWS will trap the animals, bring them to the veterinarian for an examination, spay/neuter and vaccinations. Then, the cats are returned to their outdoor homes. The feral cats retain their freedom in their familiar environment and are protected from various health risks as well as the risk of overpopulation. By keeping the population under control, residents are able to manage their colonies more efficiently, without incurring the additional costs of an increasing population.

TNR complements, but does not replace the need for our rescue, shelter, and adoption program. First, TNR is only applicable to true feral cats - we don't feel that a cat that's obviously been a companion animal should be converted to a feral cat via TNR. Second, TNR requires the active co-operation of the resident or property-owner. If they are  unwilling to support the colony, or will not consent to our program guidelines, PAWS will not initiate a TNR program.

PAWS South Florida Rescue wants to help you appreciate our feral friends and help us save them from unnecessary harm. We are now: